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picked up Tandy 1000EX system in great condition with the boxes. I still like my Tandy 1000 SX better but at least this model has a volume control for the internal speaker. it also came with the 640k ram expansion and a modem, I never use modems in these old computers though. The main attraction to the Tandy series of computers is there almost perfect IBM compatability but also with the improvments introduced with IBM’s PCjr such as Tandy Graphics and improved sound.

Tandy 1000EX
Tandy playing Leisure Suit Larry with 3 channel Tandy sound

I also recently acquired a Tandy 1000HX which is the older brother to the EX. it’s basically the same computer except it lacks a 5 1/4 drive but has a built-in 3 1/2 720k drive. it also has DOS 2.11 in ROM which is kinda handy. here they are side by side. Both these computers use a 8088 CPU running at 7.16mhz but both can clock down to 4.77mhz

The EX and HX are virtually identical








the 1000 EX AND HX use a weird expansion slot. its electronically the same as ISA but it uses a different kind of connector called a PLUS connection.

1000 EX expansion bay


1000 HX expansion bay


The expansion bay for both units has room for 3 cards and is basically identical but the HX bay looks much better constructed.


This is the modem card that came with my Tandy, I cant tell much about it since I do not use these computers on any network.


This is the all important memory expansion card and DMA chip. this card brings your 1000 EX or HX up to its full 640k of conventional memory, adds a DMA chip for better IBM compatibility and gives you connections for  two more PLUS expansion cards. Obviously you would install this card before any others.

Bottom Line: should you have either the Tandy 100 EX or HX. Well they certainly are nice machines but there just not very easily expandable. With the exception of the volume nob I would much rather have the bulkier but more expandable Tandy 1000 SX or TX. Between the two models I actually prefer the “lower end” EX. Yes, the DOS in ROM of the HX is nice and allows it to boot up very quickly without a disk inserted but the lack of a 5 1/4 drive really hurts it since a lot of the games from this time are on that format also I believe the external 720k drive that you can connect to the EX is not to hard to find. If you can find one for real cheap with the monitor sure (keep in mind they CAN connect to a TV, they have a composite jack) but if your serious about expandibility, or only want one Tandy go with its bigger brothers I mentioned before.


  1. ok, so i guess this is like a mix of a traditional webpage and facebook…or….

    • Hey Justinwl or article author, Do you own this computer? If so, I would like to buy the modem and memory expansion card.

      • The HX I no longer have. I still own the EX but I use it so I couldn’t part with the memory expansion card.

  2. Pretty cool that you got it with the original boxes. Despite the fact that the boxes all live in my basement, I always try to find one with the box when i buy a used machine. It feels like you are opening something new, even when it’s old.

  3. Hello, My name is Jonathan O’Leary and I currently own a 1986 Tandy 1000
    EX and have damaged software disks necessary to operate this hardware. I
    have found a site in which to obtain the software and was curious if you
    would know a way to be able to reproduce the three 5.25 diskettes off of a zip file online so I can operate this hardware again and also use it as a visual aide for education purposes.

    The site is:

    File Required:

    • yes, if your trying to restore the software to original disks it can be done `but you’ll need other vintage hardware. I think from Windows Vista (maybe even XP) up the OS won’t even recognize 720k or 1.2mb floppy drives let alone the 360k the Tandy 1000 EX uses. you would need to get the files on a PC running Windows 98 with a 360k drive installed and then just transfer them to a 360k disk. also keep in mind it would have to be a actual 360k floppy drive since any disk made on a 1.2 mb drive will format to 360k but will not actually work in a real 360k drive like the one installed in your tandy. its just really a matter of progressively transferring the files backwards until you hit a system/OS that supports 360k floppies. that probably sounds confusing though and if all you have is a newer Windows 7/8 machine and a Tandy 1000 it can be a problem. So I have two other suggestions

      1) you can buy a floppy emulator. I’ve never used one because in my opinion they kill the look of the machine. its like sticking a digital console on a model T. its may make it more convenient and easy to use but it just kills that retroness. that said if you just want it to work I’ve heard they are pretty convenient. of course that requires the cost of buying one and the time fiddling with it to make it work but then you can just put the files on a usb stick and I believe the emulator reads the files off USB as if they were disk. some even make floppy disk access sounds.

      2) in all honesty though the cheapest method if you don’t have a “tweener” system to back transfer files is to create an account at an enthusiast site like and then politely ask if anyone can write the disks for you and mail them to you if you pay shipping and maybe 2-3 $ for the effort. or somone at the site may have a much simplier meathod to get those files on a disk.

  4. Very good info. Lucky me I ran across your website by chance (stumbleupon).
    I’ve saved as a favorite for later!

  5. bookmarked!!, I like your blog!

  6. I have a Tandy 1000 compete still in the box, computer and monitor. Shipping list is still on the side of the box and says 1986. The monitor is a TRS-80. Curious to see if you would know anyone interested in purchasing this.

    • is it just a standard Tandy 1000? whats the model of the monitor and where are you located roughly?

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