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Nintendo Power magazine stirs a lot of gaming nostalgia in most of us including myself. Getting and reading an issue of this magazine as a kid was a magical experience and I spent hours pouring over its many pages, looking and memorizing the game maps and reading about future releases. I had a similar relationship with a lot of other game magazines such as Electronic Gaming Monthly and PC Gamer. Unfortunately though it seems these days the magic is lost. Thumbing through an old issues of Nintendo Powers does give a pleasant sense of nostalgia but the magic, the warm fuzzy feeling is gone. Maybe the idea of the internet and all the information of the world at a keystroke has killed it for me or maybe its the limited scope of a magazine that only covers Nintendo when I am now aware of a much much bigger world of gaming or maybe its just the reality of growing older and inevitably losing the magic in doing something we once very much enjoyed but the fact is….the magic was gone. That is until I discovered a UK published magazine, a magazine that reignited that warm fuzzy feeling upon opening a new issue. A magazine that demands I read it cover to cover while I love every second of it. That magazine is Retro Gamer.


As I mentioned before Retro Gamer is a UK publication so It is a bit Euro centric focusing many pages on the British retro scene and featuring many articles on games and systems that never quite made it state wise but this in no way hinders the enjoyment of reading it and in fact opens up a new realm of retro gaming information. This also in no way limits its scope as it also cover many games and systems from Japan as well as the US. These magazines cover well known as well as obscure games and systems like the NES, Genesis, PC Engine and SNES as well as retro PC’s such as the C64, Atari ST and Amiga. There are interviews with game designers and retrospectives on game series from Might and Magic on the PC, to Metal Slug from the arcade to Legend of Zelda.





You can get a subscription in the US but if that’s not your thing you can find them at your local Barnes and Nobles book store in the magazine section. I cant stress how great this publication is and every issue continues to be a delight to read cover to cover. At times They do tend to go over the same material but its always approached differently and usually new information is presented or expanded on.

you can check out the magazines website here at

If your into classic gaming, regardless of where you may live as long as you read English this is the magazine for you.

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